Repeat After Me: I Am Free


We're just kids

Defined-- By our apathy

Subjugated wiithout sympathy

But how can we care?

Whenwe're stripped of our voice

Left with no choice

But to be robots who let someone else have the control

Because we're too ignorant to have an opinion on something worthwhile, right?


And from the moment we're born 

We meet expectations

Thinking, 'If I can get through

And do

Everything that they want

Soon enough it will be enough'

But it never feels like it is

And you get so confused 

Because the lines between who they want you to be

And who you are become interfused


Everyday you're told

When to wakeup, what to wear

Where to go, who to see

What to be

Repeat after me:

I am free.

But that's not just kids is it?

Because we're all slaves to society


And schools don't educate, they manufacture

I'm not a student, I'm a product

And if I'm different

I'm just a factory defect, a reject

I've tried so hard to make the grade

And I have

But I haven't

I don't even know what was on the test last week

But I got an A


Applying to colleges is taking me back to middle school

And my dream school

Is like my fifth grade crush

Do you like me?

Check 'yes' or 'no'

And all the numbers that define me 

Constantly remind me that I'm not good enough

And I see the things adults can't admit,

They won't admit

Because then they'd have to admit...

That they created it



Royal Blood

your poem is perfect and so are you :)

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