Removed from the Picture Frame

When I take pictures,

I want them to be me.

No hidden faults,

no dumb deceits.


When I take pictures,

I show the way I feel.

I am a human being,

Unlike pictures, I am real.


Pictures still hide things,

like blemishes and blots.

Is she really that rotund?

Has she not eaten in months?


It's all about perspective,

not about what you see.

Having a great perspective

really is the key.


I see myself in a different light

than what my pictures show.

I'm almighty and all-powerful,

I have plans for where I'll go.


I'm not a shallow person,

making a silly face.

I have dreams and I have wishes

I will follow them and leave my trace.


I will show the world what I can do

better through my actions

than with a picture where my only hope

is that beauty is my faction.


I want all you picture-takers

to think about what I say.

Perspective is important,

you need it every day.


Think about how people feel

behind their sassy poses.

Are they sad? Do they have a dream?

If not addressed, the door that's open closes.


I have a wish, something to strive for,

something that I work for every day.

Something that's not expressed with makeup,

something where a picture can have no say.


I want the world to know

that I am more than just a photo

I am deeper, I'm a thinker,

I am more than what my picture shows.


Why should I hide myself

behind a lens, a piece of glass?

Why shouldn't I show who I really am?

Get off my phone, get out of that class.


Remove yourself from that picture frame,

don't be defined by expressions that are fake.

I believe in you, I believe in me, too.

We can be ourselves, so don't wait.



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