Remember Me

Remember me
As the rising sun in early morning
The palette of colors that both soothe
And allow for a reminiscing moment. 
Remember me 
As the laughter and jokes
That will never, ever fail
To place a smile upon your face.
Remember me 
As the instant you open your eyes
And take the first breath
From an unlimited, incredible dream.
Remember me
For all that I wish I could be for you. 
Remember me 
For all that I strived to be 
In order to make you
And everyone else, happy.


Remember not 
My moments of weakness
Where the dusk of my mind 
Overtook my ability to truly smile.
Remember not 
The attacks of unforeseen demons 
Upon my fragile heart 
That rendered me inoperable.
Remember not 
The times of where my hatred for myself
Burdened me so roughly 
I thought that my nonexistence would be better.
And please, oh please
Remember not 
When those burdens finally won
And where I now reside 
Is a place I hope you 
Never reach anytime soon.
Remember me
For my love and care.
Remember me 
For uniquely me. 
Remember me, my dear.



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