It seems as though we have forgotten.

Forgotten what it was that we fought for.

Forgotten how far we have come and still have ways to go.

Forgotten that we were all one, that we were ONCE all a family.

It seems as though we have forgotten.

What our ancestors worked so hard for.

Somehow, it is as though we as African Americans have stopped trying to evolve for the better.

Yes, there are some evolvers out there but the world does not notice them.

The world notices the ones that you see on the T.V and hear on the radio

Telling our boys that it’s okay to “Move That Dope” by giving praise to young drug dealers.

Showing our girls that there is no harm in letting everyone sees your body.

The music targets everyone, but affects us the most.

We have to remember that we fought for freedom.

We came here as slaves, not even recognized as an actual human being.

Remember that once we got our freedom, they still did not respect us.

Remember that our people got lynched, sprayed with water from fire hydrants for our future.

Remember that our people marched, got beaten, and houses blown up, for us.

And what did we do with the freedom we fought for so long to get? You tell me.

Nowadays, when you think of the African American community, tell me what you see.

Do you believe that we will rise again?

Do you think we will remember...? Or will it continue to be forgotten?



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