Thu, 05/15/2014 - 10:17 -- kellham

 I refuse to call you, acknowledge that you are there,
But I can't help but dwell on all the good times that we share.
 You were my friend, a comrade, my partner in crime,
It was you I called, when I just wanted to waste time.
  But you broke my trust, you forgot about me,
So, I will do the same to you, and my pain is for you to see.
  We used to laugh at stupid things, be scared of nothing at all.
Remember that year when I seemed so short, because somehow, you got tall?
  Or remember that day when you looked at me, and shared your biggest dream?
I said I'd always be there for you, you smiled and said we would always be a team.
   How about that time when you said something mean and I got angry at you?
You wouldn't stop apologizing, said I just couldn't be angry at you, and I said that it was true.
  Remember the competitions, we never admitted defeat.
Remember that time when you stuck your foot in my face, when I admitted I hated feet?
 Remember the idiotic stuff we would pull, just for the kicks?
Remember when you decided to practice throwing knives with my pocket knife? It still has the nicks.
  Remember quoting that one line from that movie again and again?
Remember me wanting to pierce your ear with a safety pin?
  Remember that airplane? I still think it was a real plane.
Remember when I actually admitted, that I thought you had a brain?
   Remember stabbing that poor spray paint can?
Remember arguing over who has the better tan?
  Remember that tomorrow can't be the fifth, because today is the fourth and Monday was the first?
Remember being a smart alec and how much my punches hurt?
  What happened to those good times, memories and what used to be?
Don't you know your hurting me? Why can't you just see?
  I refuse to talk to you, I don't exist in you world anymore.
I wish the sea would help me wash away those memories if I laid them on the shore.
  I won't call you, I won't text your, I refuse to acknowledge you're there.
I just can't help but remember all those memories that we share.  


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