To Remain Conscious to the Son in My Eyes


Sleepy with the summertime,

the sun she is swelling,

awaiting another time

yet too patient to sleep.

And she has hung there so modestly

witholding her beauty

awaiting there she is vulnerable

kindly whispering to me.

even so I sway in the summertime,

So in Love with the starlight

to lay on the mountainside

and listen to their song.

yet the rocks they cry out now,

As humanity is silent,

letting praise arise heavenbound

in search of the Lord.

very softly, very swiftly 

evil slips in my heart,

Make safe my way and quickly

you I shall run toward.

He is my Saviour,

oh Lord of my heart,

protector of the son's light,

even while they are apart.


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