Religious Hypocrisy

This is not an attack

On any ideals

But as an atheist I say

I can feel as I feel

Don't lecture me with your god

Because I don't believe

If I'm burning in hell, you'll be first there you see

"Judge not others or else you receive the same"

Or so your book says. 

You did read it didn't you?

Seven times did I.

I may not believe, but I will not judge for your belief

Let me believe mine.

That religion is conflict.

Religion is hate.

It's judgemental and isolating

And isn't that great

And you people who blame dietys 

for your pains and your woes

They gave you free will right?

It's no fault but your own. 

Don't cast me aside

Don't assume that I'm wrong

You can think that if you'd like

But please, leave me alone

Let me be content

As I do to you.

Don't be a hypocrite

You have nothing to prove.



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