It only makes you feel better
To admit to the sky
As if someone's listening
And yet you ask why
Why you get no answers
And why there's no relief
I can tell you why
You have no belief
Sure you have religions
And with that came your 'hope'
Hope is the last thing I'd ever want
Because it won't help me cope
Cope with the fact of why
I was put here in the first place
To live, love, lose and die?
Does that not seem just a bit strange?
And honestly what would you believe
If you lost all you ever loved
Gained more with the 'hope' that they'd live forever
And that would be enough?
Can you see why I have my doubts?
Sure I'm supposed to rely on faith
But faith is a word without substance
Just like a man in a cape.
A fairytale written in great detail
So maybe someday it'll come true.
To me that's more possible than some great religion
Written by men way back when- outta the blue.
Okay so I'm stubborn I know
I used to be a big Christian.
Tried forcing religion on others
Thinking they'd make the best decision.
I was destroying everything I ever thought.
That maybe this whole thing wasn't for me.
You make your choice, I'll stick to my own voice. I won't be bought by praising something I can't see.


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