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now that hurricane sandy is gone
there is so much work in the east coast that needs to be done
to see the sun for the 1st time in days always brings signs of life
there is always hope that doesn't bring trife
it is time to move forward and overcome this devastation
it takes dedication from all of us that will embark an innovation
efforts at the end deserves a standing ovation
as i always preach like a pastor in church, let's move forward and be strong
this is a process that may take long
at the end, we all gain strength from all the aches of many
let's contribute to this cause even if it costs a single penny
always count your blessings and be humble
let's not start any beefs that will entice an opportunity for a rumble
rebuild is the key that requires being relentless
divide and conquer is a dosage that injects ignorance to be lifeless
to come together and unite as one
when it's all over, let's not go back to the drawing board and kill each other in which lives are gone

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