On your mark, get set
Let's go, regret!

Regret that you are here
Regret that you are near

Regret that time's no more
That's what regret is for.

Wish I had done this,
Wish I had done that.

Time is no friend
And that is just that.

Today is still here
Tomorrow draws near.

So hold loved ones close
'Cause they mean the most.

The most to my heart,
The most they impart.

So treasure them now,
For time's like a plow.

Destroying the mind
Where memories are stored.

'Til we're broken down
Right to the core.

Regret's like a cancer
Eating away

Destroying a little more
Day after day.

They say time
Heals all wounds

But I say they're lying.
We all are just dying.

Dying to leave
'Til we finally learn.

Life is a sojourn
With lessons to learn.

Repeating some lessons
Redoing some answers.

Copyright From A Poet's Heart

This poem is about: 
My family


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