But no,

I won't listen to the way

Your heart breaks ever so softly.

The way it hits the ground like fresh snow,

Shattering everyday.

The way it ticked off-key

Was enough to incite anger 

In the minds of past lovers.

Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?

You're like a double-edged dagger,

And you'll run and close the shutters.

But then you don't even have the class

To take her on a date

Before you're trying to get in her pants,

But anyone can make her feel better than you.

You're not that great

And give it up, you've lost your chance.

Through and through and through,

You keep finding loopholes

And running back to an unkempt home.

You don't have the audacity

To say sorry to the broken souls.

You act like you've been locked in a tome,

Or it is just that your brain does not have the capacity?

You are toxic.

You are not kind.

You are not their hero.

You are demonic.

We are not blind.

You are a zero.


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