It resides in my heart and mind.
Telling me after the fact that I had what I been trying so hard to find.

It left me in tears
And still resides in my fears.

I was constantly a day late
For that change of fate.

Why did I wait so long
Where did everything go wrong.

If I could do it all again
I would change the mistakes made.

Maybe just maybe then
My love life wouldn't seem so locked with the stone jade.

Regret lives in my heart
Made me hurt like broken bones in rainy weather.

It's torn me apart.
My heart is with the wind floating in the black like a feather.

I wake up looking back 9 years ago.
Still wondering why.

Lady, I just want you to know.
I wish I could've been your guy.

This poem is all wet
Only because I relive my regret.

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