Tue, 11/05/2013 - 16:12 -- Choya


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 I never knew something something so small could eat me alive.

The memories drift by and I begin lose my mind

because I’ve lost time trying to find a sign.


I go to those moments that I wish I could take back.

I wish I could yell “CUT!!!” to life as if it were an act,

but I’m too honest and can’t pass the fact,

that I was young and dumb and on the wrong track

because it was wisdom I lacked.


People say its mistakes and I should let go

but I can’t forgive myself because of what I now know.


How did I let myself make the same erroneous choice?

Why didn’t I listen to that voice

that gives me poise and in the end rejoice

but my naïve disobedience leaves my face moist.


Regret, that feeling that haunts me in my dreams,

ceases my sleep and trunks my happiness like a tree.

While my brain screams “Please listen to me!”

I mean how dumb could I be?

To not be able to see that I wasn’t doing the veracious thing!

Regret please leave because its pain you’re causing.


I try hard to get you off of my brain

but is hard to restrain from your memories of pain

and now I no longer feel sane.


Regret, the memories I’ve caused

because of my imprudent flaws

causing me to bawl and cover myself with shawl

because you haunt my thoughts

and leave me ludicrous awe since I know it’s my fault.


And for some reason I can’t exonerate myself.

Like ice that won’t melt or the sting of a belt

because for so long I’ve held regret that welds


Regret, yes, REGRET.

The emotion that won’t accept

that my patience for it is in debt.

Lord give me strength!

Because my heart is caught in its net

making me frantically fret but, my mind is officially set

on putting a goodbye stamp on….regret.




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