Regal perspective

Sat, 01/28/2017 - 08:39 -- Bravo

She gets high off my words

like a bird

i observe her physical features 

from her hair to her curves

continue to seek her

that's the word that I heard

when I saw she was lost

is it coincidence we walk the same course?

i'm forced to question 

i find the answer in her eyes in a millisecond 

as my heartbeat continues to rise 

my lips twitch

"we just want to connect with hers the whispered"

"don't risk it" my brain mumbled 

my heart missed it

just then I kissed a queen 

i felt quite royal to her majesty 

i pursued to bring her close

she gasped for air as she called me king

i could feel her ring on my neck

as I held her waist

my hands traveled up her spine, to her chest

then I held her face

I could feel the joy in her cheeks as I caressed 

the Ecstasy she expressed without the sex

in that brief moment I felt the start of our love

Attached! Like an addiction 

with her heart as my drug

i need it! Give me another hit!

another moment in bliss

another moment in her arms 

another moment to kiss 

another moment to make another 

when the chromosomes split 

I'll get what I want and want what I'll get

she'll prove fruitful 

and our love will be B e a u t ful



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