Reflections on America

America oh, America.

A nation home to many.

America oh, America.

The foundations of your values have been revered by many.

Liberty is your creed, Freedom is what you bleed, yet many still feel agony.

America oh, America.

My forefathers fought for you valiantly! They came with dreams, and they achieved.

But why is there still no peace?

America my, America.

Your colors seem faded, the cries for equility have been blockaded.

Your anthems of hope and unity have been tainted.

Your houses of Justice seems to have become a den of theives.

Officals care and only hear those they please. 

America my, America.

I know things seem bleak, it seems the fight for unity will never cease.

The waterfalls of hate seem to never end, but God help me I will defend!

The words of liberty and justice for all, was once apart of your soul after all.

America my, America.

Do not give into hate, but rise from the ashes and be not faint.

We the people will not surrender, for we will fight forever and ever.

America our, America.












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My country


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