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Take another shot they’ll say

take another pill

While you’re doing that I say let’s just throw your life away.


It started small, I would know.

One tiny sip, one small white lie.

Then you turn into what you sow.


Come, tell me how? Where did you go wrong?

Or will you tell me your woeful song?


Been there done that. I no longer care

You had chances that you threw and who knows where.


And all too soon it grew big didn’t it? Now it was

Drink another two bottles

Finish a whole pack.

That’s when it started to get out of whack


Look at you now at the age of seventeen.

And I bet you think the world is so mean.


It wasn’t them telling you to do that.

Look in the mirror the guilty will be laughing back.

You did this to yourself. And now there’s no more chances

And now no more advances


WHen your crying and pleading to be let out,

I bet that then there is no doubt


No doubt that scared

and miss the family that cared.


But now it’s too late.

you let yourself be bait.


Wanna yell, wanna hit?

Go to the mirror

You asked for it.


You’re culprit is there

laughing loud like a bear


“You did this to yourself” You’ll have to say.

And the sad thing the answer isn’t nay.


And then you’re saved

someone here’s your cry.

But only if you behaved.


You get one more shot they say.

please don’t throw your life away


Go out go, live. Be a good kid.

Look in the mirror, and thank who you see.

Because trust me, you do not want to be me.


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