Redemption and Repair


-> I first crafted this verse at a deeply reflective point in my life. My thoughts were on the past actions of myself and those close to me, and I began pondering the driving force for those actions. I eventually came to the conclusion that the hurtful things we do are not necessarily expressions of our true character. It is not sadism that plagues us. This was a profound revelation for me. With that said, I would ask that we take a moment of silence for the collective human psyche.


Answer me.

Let me know;

When did living things become so expendable?

Plants, animals, even our own brethren used up and

Thrown away with as much care as one might show while discarding Saturday’s junk mail.


Did physique, status, wealth, and power become more important than what’s in the heart?

The meaning of life is abstract.

Yet when I tune into the nightly news,

It tells me that my life’s meaning lies with my yearly salary.

Not to mention the cheap thrills I indulge in, the fair-weather company I keep.

Most of which are gone just as fast as they arrive.

In this sense, I am sorely lacking in meaning.

Picture this;

A child with an inquisitive mine yearns to learn.

He trudges through adolescence,

Told incessantly that he won’t make it.


Because he’s African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Latino, poor, disabled, or otherwise pushed under that umbrella we hear so much hoopla about;


Gasp. When did it become a disadvantage to be different?

Why is it so unthinkable to consider that not all Italians love the opera?

Or not all of the homeless are lazy low-lives?

Humanity is afflicted

Drowning in a word saturated with violence and indifference.

There’s bloodshed overseas

As well as in your neighborhood.

Hardening hearts, claiming lives, crushing hopes, severing bonds.

A man was beaten to death

While innocently strolling

Simply because he loved another man.

His death was publicized in your Sunday paper

And yet, he goes unsung.

For he is not just one man,

But a martyr for an entire subculture.

Kids are dying.

They’re all sacrifices, beautiful things tossed away,

Gobbled up by the unrelenting force that is consumerism.

It’s like we’re no longer human beings,


Only numbers, statistics, stigmas, and taboos.

Striving to fit an unattainable mold.

But…we don’t have to live like this.

Although this plight seems desolate,

The solution is quite simple, full of ambiguity, yet devoid of ill will.


You see, acceptance is the key.

We’re not here merely to occupy space.

I challenge you, my fellows, to view yourselves

As worthy of happiness and fulfillment, as being capable of great things.

Extend that to your friends, family, foes, and everyone in between.

With these lines,

So roughly penned,

I profess my love to you,

Though not in the orthodox, romanticized sense.

Laugh if you must! Call me names! Shun me!

But know that I see the good in you.

And I love myself, as well as you.

Violence diminishes and destroys

While love creates and empowers.

Though death is the only definitive obstacle,

Right now, today, is the gift to be seized and cherished.




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