trembling fingers reach out
for a comfort.
a sign.
a moment of raw and
pure vulnerability that leaves
you with a sense of

child, thine eyes may weep
but never go blind.
vision confined.
blur out the rough edges
and seek refuge.

arms of grace come in
many a form.
warmth so deep,
as if a hug from the sun.
or as it were the Son.
my savior?

rejected since childhood,
am i allowed
second chance to find
a love thought to be
a lie?

cool metal squeezed
between sweaty palms
that once felt so
utterly wrong.
choking on a sob
held back for years.

this is my moment
to release.
to allow myself peace.
and truly move forward
eagerly questioning
everything I once believed
to be the truth.

my redemption is
your shinning glory,
your warmth.
you and all you are,
i accept.

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