I wasn't quite sure how to outwit life's clever twist,
Which, like most things, can't be solved with my fists,
There's no technique to speak or tweak it out of me,
And all the answers I seek have this uniqe mystique enshrouding me,
It hinders my ability utter speech that could reach the weak,
The captives of this leech that beseeches them also to not to speak,
Where is it? Is it inside or outside me?
Where's the source of this curse that has sleep-deprived me?
It taunts me with a suggestions that there's no purpose to my own life,
And using my natural discretion, I get the impression that it's right,

It gives me so much uncertainty,

Is there purpose to my life? Who am I? What am I?
What is wrong? What is right? Is everything that I know a lie?
How do I know that what I know is true?
What is the cause of suffering? Is there any reason to pull through?
'Cause I've searched the wisest of the wisdom of mankind,
I got billions of different answers from only a hundred minds,
No one knows? 
They're okay with that, I suppose,
But that thing is still taunting me and haunting me at night,
And until I can contest these burning questions, there will be no peace in my life...

But the truth was revealed to me,

The answer to this mystery is in history, and you won't believe this,
I've discovered the Truth, and His name is Jesus,
You see, the insanity in humanity is the vanity we dwell in,
Rejecting God and choosing the darkness in the hole that we fell in,
God's plan is so grand and beyond what any man can understand,
When man couldn't reach God, God came down as a man,
Jesus blamelessly fulfilled the Law, putting an end to our strife,
In hopes of being saved by our works, but, now, faith can bring us to life,

Excuse me if I get a little preachy,

Hey, neighbor, Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior,
Did us a favor by putting in the labor: showing an act of love to the hater,
Now when the fear that once consumed me swings by, 
I can say, "Jesus is the Truth; therefore, you are a lie."
'Cause I have been refurbished for a purpose found in truth,
To love God, to love my neighbor, and tell the world of the good news,
I know that I can abide in God's Word, because it teaches me what's right,
Because I know that straying from His command brought suffering into this life,
God has shown me His grand design and redefined what I am,
Who am I? A follower of Christ, a free and redeedmed man,

Fear can't take my new identity






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