The Red Panda


United States
40° 55' 47.8704" N, 92° 4' 34.77" W

I know of this fowl creature.
He spent the more of his days gawking over you.
Admiring you.
He wanted you.
In his possession, his grip, his control.
He stole you.
He stole you away from your own path.
The screams of a girl who wanted to be free, but only stared at the beast.
You were mesmerized by his beauty.
He by yours.
His eyes, colored by glittering lies.
His teeth, sharpened by the many hearts they'd pierced.
You knew him.
You loved him.
His empty soul desired more.
He learned you.
He used you.
His eyes grew to hungry flames.
His heart, buried, unretrievable, in the depths of his greed.
His fangs pierced your heart.
He fled.
You don't know him.
You detest him.
Your blood seeps onto me.
No more.
No more.
Why do you forgive him?
He returns.

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