Fri, 08/07/2015 - 00:15 -- madymc

It's when someone changes your life

It's an uncontrollable flash of strife

The passion inside you

Or when a heart breaks in two

It's the feeling of a hot day

And the tingle of a sunny ray

It's the knowing better

But following the rules, never

It's the moments of ecstasy so strong

Or the days that seem so long

It's the sweating frustration 

Or quiet reservation

It's the sting of a wound

It's the setting of a mood

It's a warmth from your favorite quilt

It's the flower that will wilt

The world constantly changing

The war inside you that is waging

It's the intense pain

And the unwanted rain

It's a murderer

It's the feelings you feel for her

It was a sinner now saved

A new path paved

It's the flowing inside

It's the rough ride

It's the itching of a secret

And the burning of a regret

The happy memory from the past

And the words spoken last

It's the closing of a day

It's the words we wanted to say

It's the time we wasted

For the kiss we wanted

The color red


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