The words fell

Like stars from the sky,

Like rain

A heavenly blessing upon a dried earth,

Onto broken hearts,


Bringing them back.

Hear the beat:

Ba-bum, ba-bum...

The red color running back,

Washing over them:

The color of love;

The song of life:

Ba-bum, ba-bum...

They find their home,

Bring strength back to those who lost:

The strength

To fight,




But one is left,

Gray, cold,

Left holding, hiding, her color alone.

She cradles it close,

Feels the warmth, but...

The memories of hurt,





They're too close,

Too deep in her heart,

Hovering like nightmares,

Freezing her love,

Her mind.

But one more drop falls

Down... down...

One more word of love

Down... down...

Hitting her with force:

An epiphony;

A light going off in a cave whose only darkness is hate.

It blinds her;

Binds her;

Fills her;

Tells her;

Shows her:

There is still love in the world.

There is still hope in her,

Enough to reach out her colored hand,

To feel warmth again;

Not just hers'

But others' as well;

Enough to take a new step down a new path,

A glinting weapon in her hand:

All red, the color of love.


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