We are fighting a war in which

We already know who wins,

So why do people continue to suffer

And continue to sin?


See there’s this God, my God

Who can completely change your heart.

I have knowledge in the way, the truth, and the light

So how do people that don’t know Him think they’re so smart?


See you try to tell them this,

And they contradict you with that.

But at the end of the day, you stand high

And they get walked on like a door mat.


People see my healing, my change of heart,

My enthusiastic spirit.

But the second I mention God,

They automatically don’t wanna hear it.


The problem is I want them to hear it,

Because I want them to see Him the way that I see Him.

Ask yourself this,

If they could walk a day in your shoes, would they be able to feel Him?


That feeling, that dire urge

Deep in your heart to seek His face.

Or would they see you really don’t care,

Making this whole façade a complete disgrace?


See God knows everything about you

And his love for you will never come undone.

I mean even the Bible states that “For God so loved the world,

That He gave His one and only Son.”


Now I don’t know about you,

But I think that deserves some respect.

And when I hear about everything He’s done

I can’t help but stop and reflect.


See personally I have two disorders

That could one day lead to death.

But it hasn’t happened yet,

And I can still praise Him with every single breath.


Moments in my life could have killed me,

Paralyzed me, or left me broken.

But I stand here today alive, walking and smiling,

And to me, that testimony just can’t go unspoken.


See there’s a God who loves me,

And I love Him right back.

I don’t care if the enemy gets mad,

Let him attack.


Because in the end I’m on the winning team

And my Leader cannot be defeated.

It is my honor to live and serve Him

And plant seeds where they are needed.


I am asking you right now if you’ve never even

Given God a second glance,

To open your heart in this moment

And just give him a chance.


He can help you, heal you

And answer your prayers.

Just let Him in and mean it,

And stop being one of those fake team players.


Be genuine,

Let your guard down and mean it.

God knows when you’re lying,

So don’t even dream it.


He has a plan for your life

He’s got your back.

Trust me on that one,

Because mine had two cracks.


But with a little bit of faith

And a whole ton of prayer,

God healed them both up,

With His heavenly care.


Ask Him into your life, mean it,

I promise you won’t regret it.

Just ask someone who knows Him,

It’s the best choice you can make and nothing can top it.


Now some people might say,

How do you know, you don’t know me.

But the truth is go ahead and try it,

But Jesus is the only one who can truly set you free.


You think that I’m wrong?

Prove it ‘til your hung dry.

But when judgment day comes around,

Don’t you dare say He didn’t try!


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