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Punch, kick, shoot & stab but what will that solve????? Nothing I suppose, so figure out an alternative way to resolve.?.?.

Hatred, Anger & Frustration runs through your conflicted head. Unaware of the actions you've enforced because the person you've harmed is pronounced dead...

Now you're stuck with the thoughts of should've, could've, would've.... What's done is done now accept it & move on with your life.

The consequences upon you hurt like a deeply cut wound, Prison awaits your arrival at 21, Oh so soon?!?

Finally, you understand the concept of changing your life! Strive for positive change instead of hustling into negative strife!

Life is life & everything happens for a particular reason but as long you change in your heart & mind then you'll defintely arrive unto a promising season...

Now I see the difference within you as a new man, so throw the old material away in your past life & grasp unto a new successful brand....

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