Recognize True Love

The boy was rich, the boy was wealthy,

But their relationship, not so healthy.


When they got together in the tenth grade,

“Make him stay” she prayed and prayed.


He loves me he does, he always will,

All the empty spots in her heart, he did fill.


And then one day, he got very upset,

She had not been acquainted with this side of him yet.


He yelled and screamed right in her face,

All she had done was ask for space.


How had her perfect boy turned so rotten?

Everything they shared, had he forgotten?


She had to stand up, she had to leave,

She had no other way to grieve.


Her one true love was so far gone,

And so was she by morning dawn.


She deserves better than a subpar life,

She will one day make a fantastic wife.


A relationship like this was not one she desired,

A man that could love and respect would be required.


Because I love you, he would always say,

But that boy was the only one who ended up turning blue skies gray.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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