'Abuse' 'pain' 'depression' 'sadness'

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Depression is not black and white filters and silhouettes shrouded by willow trees like ivory wigs. It is not half embered cigarettes and cans of monster. It is not piles of chalky pills labelled "morgue". It is not flowers in tangles of hair.
Dear Zhenna, I don’t want to do this, But what choice do I have? Where else would I go, If you’re the only friend I have?  
Every morning when I wake up I lieI tell myself everything will be okayI go a put on a smileIt takes everything for me to smileIt takes everything for me to pretend Every day when I work I lie
Dear Future Me,
A mother's milky skin never keeps you awake for long My mother is cold, so I am always satisfied by a goosebumps embrace, a quiet good night My mother has tightly curled hair, it smells like apricots and long nights
Why do people feel the need to hurt one another?We should all love one another. Why do people feel the need to stab each other in the back?Eventually, someone will have enough and crack. Why do people feel the need to make their peers feel like tr
Here she is torn, with ripped bones With all her fading desiresWaiting to be lost before she burnsAnd waiting to be left alone.
Hey,I think that I needed to tell you one last thing before I really get over all of this. I guess the biggest takeaway from all of this is goodbye aren't terrible, always...
Because you loved me You changed the way I saw the world Because you loved me You told me all the friends I couldn't have Because you loved me There were punch buggys but no punch backs
The boy was rich, the boy was wealthy, But their relationship, not so healthy.   When they got together in the tenth grade, “Make him stay” she prayed and prayed.   He loves me he does, he always will,
My mind is not my own.
How Dare you play upon my heart  a battered broken thingHow Dare you tread upon my hopes, my dreams Like you do so many forgotten thingsYou whisper I do it because I love you but, is that true?
You push me into the school lockers
At the age of 5, I was taught what was acceptable as a female and what wasn't Acceptable: apologizing, not acceptable: talking back Mija cierra tus piernas, Close your legs! I'm sorry ma
Love is patient and love is kind.These adjectives they do not come to mind.Love does not envy and does not boast;these two sins to whom you host.Love lacks of pride and and lives through honor
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