Rebirth and Revival



What a strange phenomenon indeed.

Water mixed with salt,

Just as the vast, blue seas are.


Given rise to by the eyes.

Oh, the eyes!

A beautiful pair of organs that,

When seen to their depths,

Reveal true hidden feelings.

Only by really looking into another’s eyes

Can one truly reach the core of the other’s soul

And get a glimpse of all the things

That the person had tried so hard to shield

From the rest of the world

By putting up a mask

And struggling for years

To keep them under lock and key

In his heart.

Only by doing so

Can one see beyond the mask,

Shatter the lock,

And penetrate into the dark recesses

Of the other’s heart,

All the pain, hurt, and loss

Brought to light, however dim it may be.

Only then are the doors to understanding opened,

And a new possibility emerges—

The possibility of traveling down a path

To search for the radiant light of true understanding,

No matter how long it may take.

Only then has the first little step been taken

Towards attaining a great power.

Only then can one truly understand another

And new hope is born,

The once dormant soul now awake

And alive,

Able to start again,

The light of life slowly returning to his eyes

After so many years,

With the aid of a real friend

Willing to lend a hand

To help pull him out of

His deep, dark, haunting pit of despair.


Tears of pain, of sorrow,

Of helplessness and regret,

Of suffering and despair.

Tears of loss, frustration, and rage,

Of fear, loneliness, and agony.

Tears of the heartbroken

And of the defiant—

Those who are desperate                                                     

And the ones bent on revenge.

On the other hand,

Tears of joy,

Of happiness and thankfulness,

Of heartfelt appreciation

And jubilation.

Tears of gratefulness

And of relief,

Of those who believed they had lost loved ones

And had begun decaying, dying from grief,

Slipping from the grips of reality, from this world,

But then discovered that

Their loved ones

Had returned

Seemingly from the dead.

The battered soul that had lost all hope,

His heart desolate like no man’s land,

Everything dead and decayed, destroyed.

He can be saved.

A true friend can cause the rejuvenating rain

To start falling again,

Not bringing the dead back to life,

But helping new things grow—

The beautiful blossoming flowers

And the lush, green vegetation

Of new beginnings.

Finally, the sun has risen.


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