The reason we don't have jetpacks yet

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 16:58 -- jdiaze

Well most would say hate,

to erase it completely.

but thats not my taste;

changing how people treat me?


Evil comes to mind as well;

I could rid the earth

from the powers of Hell

but subtract justice’s worth. 


No, lets look out and see more.

The life we could be living

where we give to the poor 

and let the rich keep on giving.


Lets all work together 

not inward, but out.

let love be our tether

that’s what its all about.


Ok sure that sound a bit 60’s,

or USSR,

I promise I’m no hippie

with lungs black as tar


I’m just a guy

who sees life’s potential!

Where teams build the sky,

our only credential.


I’m sick of dog eat dog,

man eat man!

What use is the cog

if not in the plans?


We all need compassion,

some non-greedy eyes.

Only then we can fashion 

a world without lies


You know whats great?

this thing can be true!

There’s no time to wait

make the change in you!


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