Reason Free

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 21:12 -- cmadden


United States
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Passion is –
Love’s fire.
Ecstasy of the heart.
It’s the method behind the madness
It’s Breaking up
It’s Making up.
Brinking on the edge of Desire.
Obsession –
Building to a Crescendo

Passion is –
The voice of Your Soul.

Passion is the sculpture’s hand,
The composer’s symphony.
Passion is the poet’s diction,
The rhythm of a dancer’s step.
Passion is Reason Free.



This poem expresses everything that I feel the word passion means. It encompasses all the feeling and unspoken truths behind a person's passion. I personally am a person with many passions so I chose to write a poem not just about one passion but passion itself.

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