The Reason...

Are you alone?

Are you cold?

Are you empty?

Are you  sad, confused, worthless and angry?

Are you frustrated?

Are you scared?

Scared of the world, your future success,

Scared of your habits, addictions and messes

Scared that the love you give isn't quite right or

That no matter how hard you try

the sum of your life,

will never be enough?

There's a reason.

It's because you don't know me yet.

Or you've heard of me,

or seen the ones who follow me

but said,

"No thanks,

I'm good,

I don't need that kind of complication".

Deep down inside you know who I am

but you choose to say


I am a man

or woman

Who has faith in my abilities,

the goodness of humanity,

our protection with neutrality,

the toleration of BELIEFS instead of people;

that our government is our daddy,

and our hero.

You know who I am

Because I am with you


Even though your back is turned to me

blatantly ignoring

the love you could receive

because you think



need me.

But you do,

you see,

Because even though I'm always watching

and waiting for you to turn and say,


I will hate the things you do with your back to me.

Because it's not like I can't see

the things you choose,

because believe me,

I do.

And I will hate those things

even while I love you

because you are mine,

but you choose to leave and say,



I'll do things



That choice.

I gave that to you.

I gave you the opportunity to say

Yes I love you too,

or to leave.

And while I love you,

yet hate the things you do,

I will wait for you to turn to me

and say,


But if that day doesn't come,

and you've harden your heart to the point that it's against my will

to guide your's;

All  the things you've done that I hate

will come back and be put on you.

Like a yolk

put around the neck of a baby.

And in the shock you will cry out

like a child in fear

of the scolding and punishment you know

is coming.

I will not hear.

Because I never knew you.

Because you never turned to me

and said,












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