In the Realm of Paper and Ink

I’m a poet…and I’ve always known it

I’m a writer…but my syntax could be tighter

A broader diction for my fiction

So I read

I read til my eyes are too tired to see

All the words into my head, I appropriate

Til it’s so full, I can’t concentrate

I awe and marvel about the striking scenes

These authors create in their novels

Heavy and tangible and musky in my hands

Taking me on a journey, on a high so great

I never want to land

With every page I’m turning

They sate my curious yearning

They take me to a place where

I only have to sit back and take, here

In this land not my own, I am always welcomed with open arms

My home, never a bother

A place where I find respite in genres

Of romance, humor, adventure, mystery and horror

And when that temporary peace, that magic, is over

I pick up another, then another

Then another

It’s like kissing a lover

You can never get enough


So I’m always looking with fever

For more of these gateways that sever

The ties between me and my reality

Where I’m just a girl

Living in a world dieing

With people so desperately trying

To save it

Just a girl moving towards an end unknown

Growing up in a world with people fighting to keep their jobs

Their homes

It’s neither set nor certain


The future is there, wild and dangerous

Especially for those less fortunate

Than the fortunate

In the realm of paper and ink

I’m not just a girl moving towards the brink

Of oblivion

I’m the girl who passes through time

Saving human and faerie

The girl who makes victory mine

And overcomes the sick games of human quarry

I’m the girl who has seen angels fall

And had fallen for one of those angels

I’m the boy who wanted to grow into a man, strong and tall

But will probably be killed

And, to some paraplegic, be forced to donate my ankles

This is what I immerse myself in

To get away from the everyday

Do you get what I’m trying to say?

In this place you’re in control

Of being able to flip to and fro between young and old

To relive the past 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 years repeatedly

Or just skip to the end just 'cause you can, 'cause you want to see

Prolong the pleasure or be satisfied immediately

Choose life or death

Good or evil

Right or left

Choose between this one or the other

But no matter what

Disguised in the droves of black and white

Is vivid color


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