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Sun, 10/19/2014 - 14:08 -- Eskoog


At the beginning of last year I found myself in Tokyo,
Japan, one of the biggest technological hubs in the worl
In a country with a language so structurally different from our own,
I found that neither my English skills, nor my patchwork Latin could assist me in understanding this new dialect my classmates were speaking.
I did find some solace however, in the realm of mathematics. Familiar concepts and procedures presented themselves before me in the form of logarithms, cosine waves, and derivatives.
I felt comfortable once more with my environment.
This recognizable subject helped me feel not quite so much like an alien, like the foreigner I truly was.
My confidence grew along with my speaking skills and, eventually, my Japanese ability progressed to the point that I was able to establish an English club, and tutor students who wished to learn the language.
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