A Realization

When I realized you had moved on so fast, I realized that the pace was set.

I realized when your bright blue eyes never lit up when we saw each other

after a few days

I realized when you stopped smiling when I said something funny

I realized when you slowly stopped talking to me and I would blow your

phone up trying to figure out what I did wrong

but when you ended things, when I saw you with her so quick 

when I had to force myself to forget every moment we had, every kiss

 and every embrace

I had to because I knew you weren't going to come back.. I had to stop caring.

I had to realize I'm on this journey alone and not even you can help me find my way

but God don't you ever forget how much I love you

that is one thing you can never deny, my love for you was overwhelming

and remains unconditional.

I just can't allow myself to care, I just can't. help me change my mind.

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