Realization in 20 lines

Thu, 07/02/2015 - 21:21 -- kemi09

Shit hurts

I'm not gonna lie.

The unexpected will cut you deep

b/c you never thought it would be THAT person.

So every time the story doesn't add up

or they do something malicious

or you hear what they've been saying about you through the grapevine

you lie


make excuses.

Because THAT person couldn't possibly do it to you.

It's not in their character

They have your best interests at heart...right?

You're in denial.

The story doesn't add up b/c they lie

and their malicious actions are intended to hurt you

and what you hear through the grapevine is truly how they feel about you

so don't lie

don't defend

and certainly don't make excuses.

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