Reality's Alliance

Pre-existing alliance aiming towards the win.

One last breath until the end.

Impulsive triggers silence life,

it's certain devastation.

One last click blasts detonation.

Numb and inferior, they flee from superior.

Frigid brigades of hardened hearts

throw grenades at softer parts.

Tally up the forgotten,

as their silhouette fades.

A piece of coal with much potential loses it's desire.

The dream of becoming a diamond

burns inside the fire.

With much dismay the inferior cave,

and break within their capture.

The alliance grins and locks them in cages

filled with prideful banter.

They proclaim a new way with systematic perfections,

commuting towards extinction;

contorting sneers and snide remarks into a religion.

Societal normalities become an embrace,

clutching the lives of innocent entities,

transforming them into brutal oblivion.





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