The Reality of Real Life


First starts off with a simple hello on your first day.

Then when the lunch bell rings you politely ask to eat lunch with her. 

You chat and converse, and by the end of your first day of first grade, you found your new best friend. 


Then more and more first days pass, and you are on your way to high school. 

Walk in; get greeted by the 'friendly' staff. 

Sit in the auditorium and nervously sit near your best friend and know everything will be okay.

Or so you think. 


Two years pass and boys seem to be consuming more of your thoughts than you have planned. 

Your best friend has started to invest most of her time in those creatures, and you start to notice who your best friend really is. 

There is less phone calls, text messages, and communication all around. 


Another year passes and you are now going to be a senior. 

There is a lot to focus on this year and any flaw in the process could cost you your entire future; 

Well that’s what they make it seem like. 

There are a lot of things to focus on and your best friend has things that she needs to focus on too. 

The paths start to separate, and then you find yourself doing the best for yourself all alone on your unique path. 


The growing pains of a teenager. 


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