Real World


Teach us to think.

Not on what to think, but on how.

Test us not on the knowledge, but on the application.

Teaching us to memorize facts and numbers

doesn’t help in the Real World.

Teaching us to use our knowledge and apply it

benefits us after school.


Teach us to analyze.

Not on every detail of a 19th century novel, but in our surroundings.

Using the class period to explain why the author wrote “the town was silenced”,

doesn’t help solve worldwide conflicts.

Using the class period to explain human nature within those novels,

could prevent us from digging deeper war trenches.


Teach us to strive.

Not for perfect GPAs, but for a closer perfect within our character.

Placing essays on top of tests

doesn’t teach us kindness or generosity.

Mixing standard education with lessons on being the best possible ‘you’

guides us towards a better humanity.


The Real World.

Doesn’t need basic thinking.

Doesn’t need the trivial things analyzed.

Doesn’t need good test takers.

It needs us

to be creative thinkers,

to analyze our world,

and to be good people.





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