The real self


A smile,

a giggle,

and cheerful hello.

This is what they see.



is it the real me?


Inside I am in a panic,

running around,




Dying to show my true emmotion.


Smile darling,

don't let it show,

don't let them know,

how you truley feel inside.


My mother told me

if you make yourself happy,

eventually you will become happy.


What a sad way to live,

but it is the only way to get through.


If they know,

then they will take pitty.

They wont belive me.


Sometimes if you pull that curtain aside,

and show them,

tell them,

well at least just one.


It helps.


He understands

and feels.

He listens,

doesn't judge.


The only one to see the true me.


Everyone else

I must hide it from.


They look and see,

see the fake me.


The one I wish to be.

The one I want to be.

The one I will never be.













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