The Real Me


I hide my true self
To protect myself from society.
My outgoing personality hides behind the curtain by itself
And I act lie a shy girl in entirety.

At school I'm a quiet, innocent girl
Because whatever I do will be remembered.
I'm like a hidden pearl
Deep in a dark ocean anchored.

Only a limited amount of people
Are given the opportunity to open the curtain.
But many people closed it after the prequel
Which made me hide for certain.

I am described as loud and insane
By people who truly know me: my best friends.
I conceal this up so to others I seem sane
And to prevent judging 'til the ends.

The whispering behind people's backs
Is what prevents me from pulling the curtain.
I have already fallen through many cracks
And I'm not going to be the same person.


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