Real Life


I don’t know how I’m supposed to live in the real world

When the ones in my head are perfect

and this one is so far from it


Why would I want to live here?

     individuals are killed for their preference and skin color

     half of the global population is under threat of violence because of their gender

     people are in poverty without any way of getting out of it

     the rich aren’t kind people who want to help the world

     human beings find joy in making other people feel like shit

     certain illnesses aren’t even recognized because they aren’t visible

     no one wants to help anyone simply because they can

     some people can’t marry who they want because other people find it icky


In my worlds:

     everyone is equal

     no one has to worry about violence

     not without a savior or prosecution

     people help other people

     no one is made fun of for depression

     anxiety is comforted

     everyone who wants it finds love

     anyone who doesn’t is well within their rights to not


I know the difference between my worlds and real life,

but mine are so much better

In real life we don’t have magic or alchemy

we don’t really have superpowers or demigods

surrounding my home in salt won’t keep my demons away

not every problem can be solved

I can’t change things for the better


My worlds are amazing and this real one just falls short


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