The Real C Word

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 11:00 -- kkbea09


The word can’t has a funny effect on people.

The definition is simple enough, its the opposite of “can” which means to “be able to” or to “be permitted to”.

For some, hearing that they can’t accomplish something gives them a complete loss of hope- discouragement doesn’t even begin to cover the sense of shame that one simple contraction could inflict on a person. In fact, I think everyone is familiar with the feeling of your heart plummeting into your stomach- that moment of complete self doubt when those around you don’t take your abilities seriously. However, to have that perspective on reality just because of words coming out of anyone else’s mouth is petty, and thats all it comes down to.

Fortunately, if you let it, “you can’t” can bring on another contrasting realm of emotions: exhilaration, determination, purpose, and even a sense of rebellion. There is nothing more liberating than rising above the doubt. Whether it be doubt from those around you, doubt that has been cast on us by society, or doubt you have deeply rooted within yourself- to just let go of that fear and take the opportunities as they come your way- will change your life indefinitely.

It may seem impossible at first- to convince yourself you can do whatever you dream up, let alone convince the rest of the world. My first piece of advice, when you decide to take that step, is to “fake it til you make it”. Shit, you may never make it- failure is a very real part of life. But to never accomplish anything in your life because you didn’t have the confidence to even try is by far the most miserable excuse in the book.

It’s time we take those feelings of our hearts in our stomachs and let them turn into butterflies (as cliche as that sounds). People often mistakenly exaggerate symptoms of anxiety. Instead of realizing that the only major difference between anxiety and excitement is how you perceive the situation- they allow negativity to shy them away from these new magical feelings. They shut down their bright ideas and dreams in fear of being rejected or being considered a failure by others made-up standards. Their energy is overshadowed and eventually overcome by those oppressing it, and the worst part is- often times we are our biggest oppressors.

So if you have a passion, or a talent, or a dream to become something bigger than society thinks you can be- stand up for it. If at first its hard to convince everyone else of your potential, do not stress it. The first step is convincing yourself. Once you convince yourself that your possibilities are endless then others will catch on. Your confidence will shine bright as will your abilities, and it will completely blow your mind what you can actually accomplish.



This poem brought great encouragement with it, speaking up about the very fact that we are our own verbal abusers more often than not. We tend to bring ourselves down by saying we can't do something and I am so glad you touched on the fact that it can do more than just bring us down, it can also be a dare. Thank you so much for sharing this piece, it was powerful, and strong.



Thank you so much for appreciating it. I myself struggle with these feelings all the time- its hard to take my own advice sometimes. But if I can inspire and move people with this piece it just reassures me that we are as capable as we allow ourselves to be. Much love and thanks for giving me your input!

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