Ready for your Religion

"YES" she screams... Yes...
"Let them all come!
let them all see the truth!"
She was sitting there with a cauldron of fire and a spell book in her hand
"I am NOT ashamed! Why live ashamed of yourself!"
Thats when it hit me... on that cold night in salem sitting with my best friend
We are both going to die
She gets up and chants around the fire, laughing and smiling like nothing was wrong
but see there is something wrong
"Emma stop! no! they will see you! stop!"
She wasn't listening... 
"God damn it Emma stop! please!"
Thats when she turned to me and said words i will never forget
"God damns all liars clare, and your lying to yourself.
God will damn you no matter what you do"
I grow colder then before, i look down at the pentagram on my neck and i see it
I see the glow inside myself.
"Emma stop! there coming get this off! I want to live!"
She wasn't listening.. and she wouldn't.. because she was right
Why live ashamed of myself?
There torches were climbing closer and closer into the woods where I stood.
"Clare come dance with me! the moon is beautiful tonight! and its your moon clare!
the crescent!"
I looked up and saw that beauty that i worshiped every month.
Am I ready to die?
"Emma am I ready to die?"
"Clare, look up to the moon, she will tell you."
I stare at her laying on the ground now gazing at the moon giggling to herself.
The pull on my necklace was growing stronger and the glow from my pentagram
by the fire was brighter and brighter.
.. I can see his face now.. and all the others..
Forced I looked to the moon.
"Tell me! Am I ready to die!"
I hear her scream and cry as they beat my best friend unconscious
I can see nothing but the black cloth over my head as I was lifted away
They put me on a stand where there hung a noose.
One for me and one for her.
They had ripped the pentagram from my neck and threw it in the fire, I had nothing left
She fell first my eyes were closed
As soon as I felt that mans cold hand on my back I looked up and saw the smile
That smile of my crescent moon, telling me I was ready to die.
I look back at the man with his hands on my back
"You will know the truth one D--."
I watched as there faces filled with fear
Me and Emma flew up home to the moon
We were free, free to be ourselves. 
Our spirits are alive
This is the DAY they know the truth.

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