Reaching the Dream


Gadsden, AL
218 Harts Avenue
United States
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"Oh, Langston Hughes, what happens to a dream deffered?"

I have read your word, and I have heard your very simple metaphor. 

You suggest, that it might dry up like a raisin in the sun, it might fester like a sore, 

and even furthermore, the dream might explode. 


However, Mr. Hughes, I prefer not to find out. 

I plan to reach my dream before the world begins to doubt. 

You see, my dream is unlikely. 

It is not something most men want to do, it is really not classified "cool". 

To sit all day in school? 

For me, it is all I have ever wanted to be...

From ABC's, to understanding similes, 

education is key, and the teach is in me. 


All I need is a little money, for a Bachelor's Degree. 

To show kids, there is a future in the books that they read, 

we don't always have to live in poverty. 

We can pull ourselves up, rise from ashes, raise our heads and look

all we must do is study the books. 


Teaching is not just about the material, you must connect...

and not live just for the check. 

Teaching is step by step overcoming the beam, and ultimately 

reaching the dream. 





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