Rays of him.

It’s plain to see that I was a second choice.

You can’t even get your mind off her when you’re with me.

You kissed me.

You made the first move.

It was all YOU!

Then your mind steps in and thinks TOO much.

Your mind keeps you thinking about her,

Her smile, her laugh, everything.

And I become nothing.

A deep void of invisibility envelopes me, caresses me,

Makes me stay.

And you just sit there and watch as I plunder into the depths.

What is wrong with you?

Can’t you see I’m falling for you?

I feel led on, pissed off, and completely finished.

I was taken for granted.

Lost. Forgotten.

Left out for the wolves.

And all you could say was “Sorry

Hell that will never be good enough. Never be true.

Never be what I wanted. All I wanted was you by my side.

But I will not be second place, second best, second anything.

I’m either number one, or we’re done.


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