The Rattling In My Head

Tears fall down my face each day,

their cruel words rattle in my head haunting my dreams.


No friends to help me,

I'm all alone because I'm fat and ugly.

Why can't they see that there is more to me than just another person.


I'm trying to be strong,

trying to be brave,

but how can I when I hear these word each day.

"Your fat."

"Your ugly."

"Your stupid."

"Why are you even alive?''


I want to yell at them,

I don't know anymore.

I've lost the reason for living;

I don't think I ever had one to begin with.

Why stay alive if everyone's telling you to die.


I guess their right,

maybe it is my time to step aside and let them control my life.

At least when I'm dead I can't hear their cruel jokes rattling in my head.


Poetry Slam: 



That's a powerful poem.

It is most unfortunate that you have been subjected to this ignorant awfulness.

My heart breaks for you.


Don't listen to absentminded fools.

You will find joy in life despite someone's efforts to make you feel miserable.

Keep writing.


you are not alone. be strong. it will get better


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