You are beautiful just the way you are
You are awesome the way you were created
You are who you are
Be yourself
Be what you are meant to be
You don't need to follow the crowd
You don't need to act someone else
You don't need to follow their wrong paths
You don't need to feel different even with the scar
You don't need to feel inferior even with the scar
You don't need to be shy even with the scar
The scar actually symbolises you are different with a difference
You are rare
And rare things are gold
And gold is not gotten easily
It takes a lot of hardwork to get gold
Meaning you are hard to find
And when you are found
You are cherished
Don't let anyone get into you
Don't let anyone make you not feel you
When God is in it
The rest are stories
God created you to be you
Do not leave God
Cos He loves you
He cares for you
His heart grieves for you
His heart bleeds for you
Thank Him for creating you
Because you are......


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