The Rapper, the Slave Trader, and the Policeman


It used to be a medium Black culture could disseminate

Preaching bout the muzzle, the struggle, and the abundant hate

Always keepin the guard up in case the police might show up

Cause they snatchin up our profits, declaring it’s all illegal

When it’s the system that’s evil

Marginalizing our people

Excluding our voices, keeping our minds simple and feeble

Distant and ignorant, decaying and perpetually primeval

He told you to be the sheep blindly following his herd

If you ain’t rich or white, then be careful with your words

Raping our people and said that it never really occurred

Forget his broken promises, follies, and empty words

He convinced you were inferior, now you gotta hit him where it hurts                    

He ain’t the true shepherd but the false messiah

Told you to worship a White Christ and accept you’re a pariah

He told us how to talk, how to think, and how to live

He’s afraid that it’s coming, it’s revolution that we’ll give


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

preach brother

preach on

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