Raising Bravery

Fri, 09/13/2013 - 21:44 -- tward04


Training these eyes with darknessBreeding these ears in silenceLearning to speak without wordsTrickling down crimson against porcelainRavishing blue against a black backgroundBeautiful twirled silk dipped in sunlightBlending this Icelandic scene against divine curiosityI know this flower will bloom beneath the crack Can you hear it?The ice is melting around usBravery embedded in these rootsAs I watch the hunter turn the corner I can seeSeeing the elusive creatureHis breath grows warmer with each stepHis feet become heavier in every movementAs he steps blindly by the hare and I hear the swearsCome my child, step into the worldWatch the unbreakable spirit to liveI embellished you in sunlight, pale porcelain, and silk trimmed loveCome my daughter this devious world will be yours c. Taylor Ward 11/03/2012


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