Raining Too Long: Reflections of the Formerly Suicidal

Can you come over?

It's a matter of life and death

Can we talk?

It's a matter of life and death

Answer your phone

I don't know what to do

I was hoping I could talk to you

I'm not sure why it struck me

Hurts too much to cry

And I'm thinking it might be a good time to die

It's nothing you did, don't worry about that

And it's not like this day's any worse than the last

I've just waited so long for things to get better

It's like someone's told you there'll be a change in the weather

"Just hold out through this storm, soon the sun'll shine 

It'll be warm, and bright, and well worth your time.

The sun will come out, I promise, somehow---"

Who CARES? It's raining NOW

I'm cold, and I'm wet, and I'm trapped in these clothes 

That make me feel twice my actual weight

I want to be warm, don't you understand, I want that more than anything

I just don't know how much longer I can wait.

It's been raining for years, and even when it lets up

My wet clothes continue to weigh me down

And I'm just calling because I thought you

Might have a different take on the weather today

Something I haven't heard before

Something profound

Even if not

I just want someone to know

That the rain is really taking its toll

And right now I think I'd rather just

Not feel it at all

And I'm sorry 

I'm calling because right now, there are nothing but clouds on my horizon

And I need you to tell me about the sun.



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