Raindrops on Glass

Raindrops on glass, taking you anywhere and anywhen. 
Places to go and times you've been. 
Universally sound, solid right through. 
Black and white with grain. Yeah, that'll do. 
Whether it's with coffee and jazz, or blankets and books. 
Raindrops on glass can have many different looks. 
Depression or serenity, with vigor it sets in. 
It can create a frown, but also a grin.
Forty days and nights, endless storms compile.
Sit back and settle in, you'll be staying a while.
Raindrops on glass, it's all the rage.
As far as I'm concerned, I'll place my wage.
Close your eyes and listen to the sounds.
It can melt you away, as if you're dirt on the ground.
Distracting from the isolation.
Procrastinating the contemplation.
Raindrops on glass saves lives, it's true.
If it wasn't for this fact, I would have never found you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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